Monday, July 15, 2019
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Join our “#LetHerSTEM” Movement for Girls for Summer 2019!  
We challenge you to Let HER play like a girl who likes STEM.  Girls who play with robots, rockets and electronics are more likely to development the academic and social skills necessary to thrive in science, technology, engineering and mathematics in their future.

LER HER STEM is an amazing workshop series for girls’ grades 1st-3rd that inspires a love of making and coding projects focused on science, technology, engineering and mathematics through play.  Girls understand how scientific investigation and reasoning allows them to make informed decisions and draw conclusions. 


Oct. 6- LET HER… Construct a LEGO WeDo 2.0 Robot brings STEM to life through hands-on tasks, real-world projects, and relevant technology that engage learners especially girls.  Working in pairs, our learners use critical thinking and problem solving to design models using LEGO.

Week of June 10-13, 2019- LET HER… Code a LEGO WeDo 2.0 Robot use a visual block system that represents code for the robots. Through project-based activities, students’ skills are enhanced across science, engineering, technology, and coding.

Week of June 17-20, 2019… Compete with a LEGO WeDo 2.0 Robot The thrilling combination of the LEGO brick, coding software, and challenging yet inspiring projects not only build STEM skills but builds students’ confidence and empower them to design their own solutions with their own hands.

Week of June 10-13, 2019- LET HER… Launch a rocket ! Girls will use simple technology to construct models a rockets that use a variety of fuels such as balloon rockets, pop rockets, air compress rockets.  Learners work in small teams to build and launch a water bottle rocket, consider the forces on a rocket, Newton's Laws, and other principles and challenges of actual space vehicle launch. H2O Blast Challenge.

SHEbot is an educational robotics club for Girls in grades 4th - 8th. 

SHEbot aims to increase the number of girls involved in the exciting intellectual sport of robotics and maker activity through girl focused challenging play.  SHEbot gives girls confidence to apply their S.T.E.M. skills to construct, code, compete, and design solutions.

JUNE- SHEbot: Dance Party Challenge- create SHEbot that can perform a dances with you.

JUNE- SHEbot: Tech Fashion- design,sketch, and sew outfits for the SheBOT to wear.
JULY- SHEbot: Light, Sounds and Rockets- make light show and launch Rockets.
JULY- SHEbot: Fashion Forward- put it all together in a choreographed tech fashion show.


Girls will be able to:

•    Define what a robot is in their own words
•    Identify LEGO parts by proper name, category and functionality
•    CONSTRUCT robots using LEGO instructions and own unique arm designs
•    Program motors and appendages using unplugged EV3 Brick programming
•    CODE using visual code to make robot go forward, reverse, and turn
•    Use math to improve robot precision like traveling to a specific  distance
•    COMPETE in a challenge in small teams with a robot of their own design




Tech It Out is committed to using the motivational value of robots to offer challenging yet fun hands on minds on learning experiences that increase learner’s skills and content in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.


Our workshops, competition clinics and classroom course series can help students and teachers increase their thrill and academic achievement whether in a formal or  informal classroom or whether for competition or science fair. Contact us for a free consultation:



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